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LiteFence is available in 3 versions, for chain link fences or for rigid fences, with or without barbed wire, but the operating principle is the same: a transmitter sends an encrypted light signal via a plastic optical fibre and a receiver analyses the signal and measures any variations, comparing them with an appropriately set reference value.

When the light signal is significantly altered the sensor detects it and sends the alarm.

Stop false alarms!

Antifurto cantiere senza falsi allarmi

The alarms are always real, which is the main advantage of our systems! Why is it an advantage? It is well-known that a false alarm is typically an error in the intrusion detection system due to the inherent unpredictability of outside agents (animals, plants, weather, etc.). It is exactly this type of error that creates a flaw in the system, making it fragile and penetrable. In fact, most of today’s burglaries go unnoticed because of false alarms simulated by thieves and their ability to exploit this situation.

Quick calibration

antifurto cantiere facile

The LiteFence system automatically calibrates in less than 60 seconds, without the use of a PC or software.

It also installs quickly and does not require lengthy maintenance of the surrounding vegetation.

In the event that the plastic optical fibre is cut, it can be joined in just a few seconds, thereby restoring operations immediately.

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LiteFence the anti-theft Made in Italy!

LiteFence was designed and manufactured in Italy by Luceat engineers.
  • Direct assistance
    During all the years the device will be used, you will always have a technician at your disposal.
  • Guaranteed 5 Years
    LiteFence is guaranteed for 5 worry-free years. You can relax knowing your home is protected from burglars.
  • Continuous training
    We organize training course on our solutions at Luceat headquarters and at distributor locations

Litefence, how much is it?

Approximate prices for the protection of 100m fence

100 m Chain link fence 100 m Wall with barbed wire 100 m Metal rail fence 100 m Orsogril/Betafence type fence
  • n° 1 LiteFENCE
  • n° 200m Fiber’s wire-Litewire
  • n° 20 Bolts
  • n° 1 Pack FSMA connectors
  • n° 1 Adapter
  • n° 100 Cable-ties
  • n° 1 LiteFENCE
  • n° 200m Fiber’s wire-Litewire
  • n° 20 Bolts
  • n° 100 Clips barbed wire
  • n° 1 Pack FSMA connectors
  • n° 1 Adapter
  • n° 300 Cable-ties
  • n° 1 LiteFENCE
  • n° 100m Fiber’s wire-Litewire
  • n° 2 SV Sensors
  • n° 1 Pack FSMA connectors
  • n° 100 Cable-ties
  • n° 1 LiteFENCE Lite
  • n° 2 SV Lite Sensors
  • n° 1 Pack FSMA connectors
  • n° 1 Adapter
  • n° 100 Cable-ties


Chiedi un Preventivo


Chiedi un Preventivo


Chiedi un Preventivo


Chiedi un Preventivo

*All prices have to be considered as “price list” and do NOT include installation

Some of the questions asked by customers

What do I need to buy for an installation?

A device every 250m (real or equivalent), an amount of cable needed to cover the perimeter (1, 2 or 4 fibres on the fence, a bolt for flexible fences or an SV sensor for gates, two connectors for each device or the LiteWire kit for the first installation.

The Alarm Centre?

Any alarm centre can be used.

On which type of fences can Litefence be installed?

LiteFence can be installed on any type of fence: flexible fences with CHAIN LINK or rectangular fences: passing the cable through the fence mesh and fixing the fibre to the post using special bolts; RIGID FENCES and GATES fixing the SV sensor approximately every 50m of perimeter; rigid fences or PERIMETER WALLS: fastening the cable to the barbed wire (or steel cable) installed on the brackets.

How many metres of the perimeter does the device cover?

A single LiteFence covers up to 250m. The devices however can be connected in succession covering perimeters of 6 km

Can the sensitivity of the system be adjusted?

Certainly: fine adjustment is essential to reduce or completely eliminate false alarms: LiteFence has 4 levels of sensitivity that can be adjusted with a mechanical selector, and an adjustment system on the device menu that lasts as long as the break-in

Can the wind generate false alarms?

NO! LiteFence is sensitive only and exclusively to the fence being climbed. On flexible fences, special bolts hold the fibre taught, making the system sensitive to vertical movement in the fence (or the barbed wire) caused by the burglar’s weight. Vibrations in the fence caused by the wind or passing vehicles are ignored. The SV sensor (patent pending) on rigid fences has been specifically designed to be a natural filter against false alarms and to mechanically damped vibrations caused by the wind, rain and other weather conditions. After this first filter level against false alarms, there is the LiteFENCE firmware (with 4 levels of sensitivity and adjustable with a mechanical sensor) and the adjustment system on the device menu itself (which lasts as long as the break-in) which completely eliminate false alarms. Since all Luceat products are based on plastic fibre, they are not affected by false alarms caused by electromagnetic disturbances, ground loops and sounds that are, instead, typical of common perimeter systems.

What are the advantages compared to traditional systems?

It is less expensive, it does not generate false alarms and it always functions, even with fog, high temperatures and high vegetation. The alarm activates only after an actual break-in attempt.

Is it easy to install?

The ease of use is guaranteed by the LiteWire cable, easy to assemble and handle. Furthermore, the system is mechanical: just secure it to the fence and turn on the sensor. No training phase is required.

Does it require maintenance?

Once installed it does not require maintenance because it is sensitive only to cable distortion. It always functions, even with fog, high temperatures and high vegetation.

How much does LiteFence cost?

LiteFence, besides being simpler and immune from false alarms, has a lower cost compared to microphonic or mems. Its cost varies in relation to the number of fibres installed on the fence and the requested protection level (anti-break-in, anti-climb or anti-cut) Send us a plan of your perimeter and we will customise the price accordingly.

How sensitive is the SV sensor?

An SV sensor is able to detect an oscillation or vibration up to approximately from 15 to 50m away depending on the fence type (it therefore covers from 30 to 100m of fence); this distance, however, is dependent on the type of fence/gate to protect and how much the oscillation caused by the break-in propagates and, therefore, could be much greater. Indicatively, if the oscillation can be detected by hand the SV sensor will be able to detect it and thus give the alarm

Does the system detects cuts in the fence?

The SV sensor on rigid fences is able to detect cuts in the fence. A flexible fence installation is able to detect it indirectly, in fact, 3 fibres are fixed in the lower part of the fence (0.25/0.5/0.8m on, for example, a 2m fence), thus preventing a burglar break-in even with a cut.

How is the fibre fixed to the fence?

In the case of flexible fences passing the fibre through the fence mesh with a threading movement each metre, while remaining 50cm from the posts, it is then passed through a hole in the post; the fibre is then fastened to the fence only once, in a central position between the posts. For rigid fences a sensor is installed every 30m (the distance is dependent on the type of fence/gate to protect and on how much the oscillation caused by the break-in propagates).

LiteFence is not sensitive to vibrations and, therefore winds do not generate an alarm.

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kit antifurto perimetrale
 Example of a LiteFence perimeter anti-theft kit.

Regarding LiteFence...

Read some comments from our customers: :

    I’ve installed LiteFence on a rigid fence. The product is excellent and it works without giving false alarms.

    Marco S. Installer - Installazioni Antifurto

     The most reliable perimeter system I have ever known.

    Carlo G Installer.- Antifurti e Tvcc

    I started using LiteFence one year ago, and am still using it.

    Francesco S. Installer - Elettronica e Antifurti
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